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My Ryuko cosplay~finally did it! photo by Liz

My Ryuko cosplay~

finally did it! 

photo by Liz


Basically, this Sunday I was VERY bored and so I decided to dedicate my free time to a project I hold dear. 
Back in my childhood, Lady Oscar has been one of my favorite heroines: brave, fierce and… well, cross-dressed. So I decided to use my cosplay skills to reproduce one of her uniforms.
My favorite color is blue, but the blue uniform was too common, so I picked the illustration above and added a little touch of me

I’d also love to add that, in order to make this cosplay, not a penny has been spent. All materials are random pieces I saved from previous works and… a Christmas tablecloth. YES. YOU HEARD ME.

I am absolutely satisfied and, being done in two days, this is by far one of the quickest and most detailed works of mine. I still have to work on trousers, hat and sword, but I can say that the dog days are over.



take photoshop away from me - part one (part two here)

(eyes from this edit)

just finished playing SDR so I had to cosplay! XDDMe as Sonia Sannn~ Photo by Guy~

just finished playing SDR so I had to cosplay! XDD

Me as Sonia Sannn~ 

Photo by Guy~


Rose of Versailles - The Drinking Game

by missallieegl

1) Every time Granny freaks out, take a drink. Additional - take a drink every time Madame du Barry breaks shit.

2) Dramatic Still-Frame, take a drink.


4) Finally, and most importantly, Shoujo Sparkles. You must take a drink every time Shoujo Sparkles appear. AND, if at any time Shoujo Sparkles appear simultaneously with Gratuitous Roses, you must FINISH your drink.

oh god what am I doing with my life